Renewable energies

  • Dale Solar Farm

    Dale Solar Farm

    Magherafelt, Cookstown (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom) 5 MW

  • HERMOSILLO (Work in progress)

    HERMOSILLO (Work in progress)

    Hermosillo, estado de Sonora(Mexico) 66.23 MW

  • SANTIAGO (Work in progress)

    SANTIAGO (Work in progress)

    San Luis Potosí (Mexico) 82,66 MW



    Torreón, Estado de Coahuila (Mexico) 46.00 MW

  • Home Farm

    Home Farm

    St George´s , Cardiff (United Kingdom) 3 MW

  • Dayfields


    Ashbourne (United Kingdom) 5 MW

  • Whitton Mawr

    Whitton Mawr

    Dyffryn (Wales) 5 MW



    Corntown, Bridgend (Wales) 2.5 MW

  • Connection of the Stormy Down, Corntown, Pennyrheollas and Seaton Road

    Connection of the Stormy Down, Corntown,

    Pennyerheollas Mammoel, Blackwood (Wales) 5 MW Corntown – Corntown, Bridgend (Wales) 2.5 MW Seaton Road: two…