The works on the new Almansa electrical substation are progressing well

The Mayor of Almansa, Mr. Paco Núñez, along with the Councilor Delegate for Industry, Mr. Pepe Gil and the Councilor for town planning, Mr. Javier Sánchez Roselló, in addition to the President of Sapres, Mr. Javier Bueno and several members of this public company and HUNTEC, the contractor for these works, visited the work site of the new electrical substation of Almansa, that is being constructed in the industrial estate El Mugrón. The works are making a good progress to the point that the end of the works is scheduled for the current exercise so that the substation is operational in 2018.

An absolutely necessary installation for the city of Almansa, limited in its possibility of growth due to the lack of electrical power both for possible urban growth as well as for the growth of the industry of Almansa or the creation of new employment centers through logistics, a project which is being developed by the Local Government chaired by Mr. Paco Núñez. This substation has a cost of € 2,400,000 that are being financed by the public company SAPRES, charged to the sale of plots of the IV Phase of the Industrial Estate El Mugrón, recently inaugurated, and whose sale is proceeding at a good pace with approximately 50% of industrial land sold to the present date.

Technically it was the engineer Salvador Macía who explained that "an important infrastructure is being developed that guarantees the necessary electrical supply for the industries. We are building the new Substation EL MUGRÓN that has a budget of 2.4 M euros. The works are proceeding well, continuing with the established planning, and in principle the completion is expected after the summer. Once the work is completed, the facilities will be transferred to Iberdrola, according to the agreement signed between Sapres and Iberdrola, ensuring the electricity supply. I really appreciate the involvement of local institutions when it comes to promoting this essential work to solve the need for electricity supply for the city and the industrial estate. Almansa will be a pioneer due to the characteristics of this substation, with total installed capacity of 20 megawatts. This work will expand the industrial development of Almansa. "

On the other hand the Mayor of the city, Mr. Paco Núñez, indicated that this installation is the best bet for the industrial and logistical future of the city: "Without this new substation, it would be impossible for any company to grow in Almansa and thereby generate new jobs, or it is unfeasible to stake on the logistics industry linked to the Mediterranean corridor, if this would restrict the growth of our city, in case of not having opted for the construction of this substation”. Undoubtedly, Núñez explained, it is one of the most imperative needs for Almansa in order to keep on improving.

Finally the mayor stressed out that the great work done by the areas of industry and urban planning in the last legislature and the continuity of these policies in the current legislature, as well as the effort made by SAPRES, allowed to materialize an agreement that permitted  Iberdrola to grant energy minimums to the IV Phase in order to complete the project and inaugurate it, allowing the sale of land in order to create employment and finance the new substation, ensuring by all these actions the economic growth of the city of Almansa and enabling the improvement of the local economy through new industrial investments that now have no limitation of access to energy supply in quality and quantity.

Source: El Digital de Albacete

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