• The general director for Industry, Energy and Mining, Mr. José Luis Delgado, has visited the PV plant in La Gineta, Albacete.

The regional Government adapted the regulations in order to facilitate and to make more attractive the establishment of the renewable energy companies in the autonomous community. Since then, the decisive commitment for this energy has begun to bear fruit.  In fact, at this moment, the region is the first at national level at the installed PV capacity, with more than 923 MW.

The general director for Industry, Energy and Mining, Mr. José Luis Cabezas Delgado, has visited one of these PV plants which exists in the region, in La Gineta, Albacete. The company Huntec, Albacete based company, has achieved to expand to countries such as Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Chile or Philippines. A business model that, in addition to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions, also achieves the creation of the employment. At the meeting, the representative of regional  Government was accompanied by the provincial director for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Employment, Mr. Nicolas Merino and Mr. Antonio Belmonte, the local mayor.

During the meeting with the local entrepreneurs , Cabezas Delgado has pointed out that there are many companies that are interested in settling in the region and work in this sector. The community has a large territory and benefits from many hours of sunshine, circumstances  which benefit  the entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energies and as the director general indicates, besides the adaptation of the regulations, "a personalized monitoring of each and every of the applications which arrives to the Department is done".

A growing entrepreneurial  interest in a region such as Castilla-La Mancha, where the total production of MW is of 8360, 5782 MW of which are renewable energy.  The wind power is especially important, generating 3800MW. To say, with this total installed capacity, 21.393 GW are produced by our community, of which are consumed the half by our community and the other 50 percent is exported to the neighboring  communities such as Valencia or Madrid.  Therefore, the region has the capacity and the sufficient autonomy so that 100 percent of the consumed electrical energy should be renewable.

"For the regional government, renewable energy is an economic and social driving force that implies investments of millions of Euros, the employment generation and, of course, the reduction of C02 emissions," said the General Director for Industry, Energy and Mining and Cabezas Delgado insists that the entrepreneurial intention is increasing in the region. "Not only through the energy auctions carried out by the Ministry, a procedure for which five companies have already shown interest, but also directly, with the presentation of the respective guarantees, as many companies want to settle in the region to produce renewable energy power, "he explained. Specifically, they aim to guarantee installations of more than 2,600 MW for photovoltaic technology and 700 megawatts for wind power technology.

Source: El Digital de Albacete

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