Quality Management, Envirionment, Safety and Health at Work


The business policy of HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL is based on adapting its services, equipment and materials to the specific requirements of its customers and other stakeholders, with the commitment of meeting customer requirements and expectations and environmental protection, accident prevention and improved working conditions.

The Integrated Management Policy is a set of guidelines and general objectives relating to Quality, Environmental Management and Safety, Labour & health management, established by HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL and formally expressed by management of the company.


The Management of HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL being aware of the importance of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health at Work in the current and future business world , to be achieved by implementing an integrated management system according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of electrical and renewables as well as managing points of Customer Support for electric companies.

The Integrated Management Policy sets the position of the Management and each person inside HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL in relation to their responsibilities in the areas of Quality, Environment and Safety & Health at Work.

To accommodate the current and future requirements of all stakeholders (employees, customers, employees and society) and to promote sustainable development, HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL acquires the commitment to provide a service focused on total customer satisfaction.

The basic concepts of this policy are:

  • Good management is understood as compliance with the commitments agreed with our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society

  • Good management is understood as compliance with legal requirements that apply to the company and with other requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects and risks at work

  • The satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners, other stakeholders and society in general is the measure of our success.

  • Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work can be managed with proper organization.

  • Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work can be managed with proper management.

  • Proactive Attitude to remedy, evaluate in advance the possible impact that the exercise of our activities may cause on the quality, environment and safety of our workers.

  • Define and periodically review the objectives and goals established to implement the integrated management policy.

  • Sustainable development, respect for the environment and pollution prevention.

  • There is a commitment to prevent damage and damage of health.

  • Compliance with Laws and other requirements related to the dangers security system and health at work.

  • Continuous improvement of our processes Integrated improve our services

  • The external and internal organizations should see each other in a customer / supplier relationship.


As part of the policy defined, HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL set targets aimed at:

  • Ensure the functioning of systems and services accurately, efficiently and effectively, based on the immediate resolution of incidents and continuous improvement.

  • Get the widest recognition of customers through compliance with the objectives and procedures.

  • Reduce or maintain the consumption needed to perform our activities, in order to preserve the Environment and Health & safety of our workers.

As a performance measure applies the Integrated Management System (developed in accordance with International Standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001) of the company in its broadest aspect, so that:

  • It manages the Quality, Environment and Health & Safety of our workers in an internationally established to enable us to obtain a certificate to verify the adequacy of our processes.

  • Each person is responsible for their work, and their verification according to the plans.

This policy should be diffused, implemented and updated at all levels of the organization. The Management of HUNTER TECHNOLOGY, SL assumes the commitment and responsibilities that fall within its competence in the development of the Integrated Management Policy.